You think you can do it better? How to start your own political party

Are you an activist that feels nothing is being done concerning a cause that you have been fighting for since many years ago? You are thinking if another approach that will allow your voice and thoughts be heard, and get things to be done. How do you get the power needed to make the positive change that you have always wanted?

Out of the political parties in Canada, the Liberal Political Party In Canada is one that fights against the status quo that has held Canadian down negatively. You want to join a political party that does such, then you can read about the principles of Liberal Political Party In Canada. If you still want your political party? You are in luck.

Creating your own political party in Canada is easier than you think. You can decide to go unofficial by merely addressing you and your friends as a political party. If you decide to toe the unofficial lane, your political party will not be printed on an election ballot. You will be made to run as independents.

To officially been known as a political party with thoughts of politics in Canada, getting registered in an official capacity will be the right way to go. Your party can run candidates in the next election, raise awareness of different issues that you want your voice to be heard, and even win a seat or two in Parliament.

If you want your political party to be made official, and you want to participate in an official capacity in the politics in Canada, then you have to register your party with Elections Canada. The requirements to get your party registered is written out on their website, The conditions are not complicated. You will need to have a unique political party name, a party leader, an address for the party, other officials- the least is three. There must be a chief agent, an auditor, and the party must have at least 250 registered party members. That’s all needed. You are not required to pay an application fee.

The Elections site has forms that you have to download, fill and send to them. Once they are sure that no detail is faked on the forms you sent, your party will be granted the ‘eligible’ status. It usually takes a waiting period of 60 days, then you can contest in the next election.

Though it may not be seen as a day DIY project, Canada has one of the least requirements for Political Party Registration in the World.

Some benefits that accrue to you for registering your political party are:

  • You can seek tax-deductible donations
  • Your political party will be on the ballot
  • You get a portion of time on national television to speak on your party