Do i need to be a citizen to join a political party?

Sometimes, many people keep wondering what qualifies them to join a political party in Canada. In some countries of the world, if you are not a citizen, you do not have a say in the politics of the country, you can’t participate in any political activity. You are not permitted to join political parties, and you can’t be seen as a politician. You are merely an alien, living there, studying there or working there. The political terrain of countries differ, and it is important that before you try to engage in political activities in a country that you are a foreigner in, you should check the laws of the place to ensure that you are not breaking any rules.

Your home country may not mind having foreigners, who are neither permanent residents, nor naturalized citizens, joining their political parties, or voting, as long as some requirements are met. What works in other parts of the world may not work in Canada. Many countries have allowed women to join political parties, holding political thoughts and positions, and voted, but it was only recently, that Saudi Arabia did the same for their women. This is a great reason, it is important that you always check the laws of a country before you can delve into an activity.

Let’s look at the case of Canada

As a foreigner in Canada, you are not permitted to vote. You can’t join citizens to cast their votes, neither can you run for office.

You are permitted to join a political party in Canada, as long as you are a permanent resident. Political parties like the Liberal Political Party in Canada permit both permanent residents and citizens to join the political party, hold their thoughts in Politics, but Permanent residents are not allowed to cast their votes. They can hold thoughts in Politics because they may soon become citizens in the nearest future but voting is not permitted.

To become a member of the Liberal Political Party in Canada, you must either be a citizen or a Permanent resident. You must understand what they stand for, and agree to their Declaration. You can read up what the Liberal Political Party In Canada stands for. Joining Liberal Political Party In Canada as a Permanent resident helps to solve whatever citizenship problem that you may have, as you are bringing the problems to a larger audience, who may have been where you were at a point in the past.

Many political parties will not allow you to join if you are already involved in another political party in Canada, or have an intention of doing such. Different political parties like the Liberal Political Party In Canada have different membership requirements, and the membership fee may be altered depending on your age, and so on.